PanelBar for ASP.NET

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Application details

A COM DLL that enables you to programmatically create a versatile DHTML navigator of expanding/collapsing groups. Automatically detects and renders a tailored DHTML Menu for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 - 7, Netscape Navigator 4 - 8, Opera 7 - 9, Safari 1 - 2, Mozilla/Firefox 1 - 2 and other Gecko-based browsers running on Windows, Mac and Linux. DHTML Features At the client, the run-time DHTML has many features and abilities. These are a few: *XHTML and HTML Compatibility - Can function within pages that are designed in either XHTML 1 and HTML 4. *Expand/Collapse - Different types of Expand/Collapse behaviors are available. You can have a single click expand one group and collapse another (only one group is expanded at a time), or each group can behave independently (multiple groups expanded). *Sizing Options - Specify fixed dimensions, dynamically resize to fit a Framed or non-framed area or let each Group size to it's own content. *Scrollable List - When there is not enough space to display all of the Items in a Group, scroll buttons will appear. *Animation and Float - Sliding animation is available for Group transitions, as well as the ability to move the PanelBar along with the page scroll. *Custom HTML Sections - Within the Group, place your own HTML above or below the Items, or do not display any Items at all. *Highly Customizable Look - Colors, sizes, borders and fonts can all be customized to visually integrate with any project. Also supports custom Image Replacement throughout. *Client-side Events - In addition to navigating to a URL, you can invoke custom JavaScript functions at the browser when the user clicks on Groups or Items.




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