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Application details

TrioXLabels is a utility that let user easily to mark files in the disk/folder as the beautiful color label predesigned. It’s just like a windows version of color label on Mac (OS X). You can label your files as it’s importance or maybe you like label files with different color label due to it belong to different project/department Usage A: Set label If you want set a color label for a file, please right click on the file and system context menu will pop up, you will see the menu entry of TrioXLabels is there, move mouse on it, submenu will popup you will see all color label listed, then you can select what color label that you want to set to the file. See below: B: Clear label If you want to clear the label that you set to the file below, please follow: Right click on the file-> System Context Menu -> TrioXLabels Menu -> Clear label. C: Manage files with label TrioXLabels provide a management tool; let you manage all labeled files in one interface, see below: D: Customize label icon and text Start from version, user can change the cool label icon with 4 predesigned sets and also can customize label text. Click on the “Customize Label” button on above dialog, another dialog will popup that let you to choose different icon set and change the label text. See below: You can change the icon set by choosing the predefined set in the combo box And you can also change the label text as you like.




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