Saleswin Express

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Application details

Saleswin is a On-Field Sales Force Solution that helps Sales Representatives to show product Catalog, collect orders at the customer location and send them to Company immediately.No need to waste time with hand written and error-filled order forms. Using Saleswin is simple and easy with just the essential features required for the on-field sales team.Saleswin is a Perfect Companion for both independent sales representatives and company on-field sales force team. Features: Unlimited Companies If you are an independent sales representative, selling products for multiple companies, Saleswin is great companion. You may add unlimited number of companies and switch Between companies easily. Unlimited Catalogs For each company, Saleswin allows you to add unlimited number of catalogs. And in each catalog, you may add unlimited number of products with Videos, Documents, PDFs, and Images. Built-in Product Presentation Saleswin makes it easy to present products to the customer. It helps you organize your catalogs with Product Videos, Documents, PDFs, and Images. Present Images in Album and Carousal views and show other native supported documents (Word Document, PDF, Videos etc) in a click of button. Unlimited Customers Manage unlimited customers for each company with complete contact information including email, website, contact person, mobile and more. For each company, you may add unlimited Ship-To information. Supports Unlimited Industry Regardless of what you sell, you can configure your industry easily with up to four (4) product identifiers / features. Supports Unlimited Designs (For Apparel Industry) Manage Embroidery/Screen Printing Designs with unlimited Images, and Attachments in order to present it to the Customer in Carousal and Album views.




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