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Application details

IRoNDooM is a program for supporting the database of trainings for sportsmen of different levels. The program is very easy in use, effective and contains many useful potentialities which can satisfy requirements both of professionals and amateurs. The large program functional contains: An easy-to-use Training Calendar, editable Training and Foodstuff Reference Books, Editor of Training Plans, Report Wizard, different types of Calculators, Anatomical Atlas, etc. The program includes the following operating modules: Advanced navigational training calendar; Reference book on exercises with their detailed description and illustrations; Comprehensive training editor; Easily adjustable wizard of reports on current trainings and achieved results; Easy-to-use calculator for maximum weight, repetitions, working weight; Calculation of muscle bulk by an adipose tissue fold depending on an individual body build; Anatomical Atlas. Illustration of anatomy of weight-lifting exercises; Reference Book on category norms (triathlon, Barbell Bench Press) for men and women; Foodstuff Reference Book indicating caloric value, vitamin, mineral and microelement content; Advanced Chart module that enables to diagram results according to anthropometric data and weight-lifting exercises . Multilingual interface of the program and a lot of various settings will allow you to ADAPT the program according to your requirements simply by One Click. By means of this program sportsmen can: make an individual plan of trainings; make changes in the current system of trainings; calculate necessary training loads; determine necessary steps to Improve results; calculate individual proportions according to popular professional calculation schemes; import and export training plans in and out of files; The preset database of the given exercises includes exercises aimed at development of all muscular groups.




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