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How many times you wished on your birthday party while blowing candles on your birthday cake to find a simple and easy to use clipboard that will do exactly what you expect from it with minimum efforts from you? How many times when copying & pasting you got totally unexpected results? You expected to insert a poetry line but instead got some strange picture that you had copied in Your Clipboard about a year ago? How many times you wanted to buy a Big Screen TV instead of your monitor because that office clipboard would pop up from anywhere and eat a half of your screen with no reason? Probably there are ways to simplify your standard clipboard. But either they are known only to some rare office gurus or you will have to read hundreds of manuals pages to finally find out how to do it. It will take ages! Nowadays, when every second of your time costs a lot of money, you just can afford it if you want to be successful! But now there is a better way. And it called ClipConsole! ClipConsole is a powerful and easy to use clipboard tool that will fully satisfy your needs. ClipConsole is compatible with all Windows applications which support copy, cut and paste operations. It can hold text, formatted text, pictures and anything else you might need in your work. ClipConsole doesn save any data to disk when you finish its work. It means that is absolutely safe to copy & paste passwords, logins and other important data.

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