ESP Mail Check

Posted by download in Other, Software on 24-06-2010

Application details

ESP Mail Check is an automatic POP3 and Web-based email checking utility designed for Windows 95 & 98 & NT 4.0. It runs in the background in the taskbar and notifies you when new mail arrives. Version 2.02 of ESP Mail Check is shareware. See below for purchase and licensing information. The following features are available in version 2.02: Capable of checking an unlimited number of email accounts. Dial-Up Networking support including online and offline checking options, dial and check at specific times during the day, and hang up after checking for new mail. Notification options include displaying an icon in the system tray representing the number of new messages that have arrived, animating or flashing the icon in the system tray, flashing the scroll-Lock light, playing a WAV or AVI file, running an executable file, and/or launching your email client. Capable of sending key strokes to your email client to download the new mail. The ability to view the message headers provides for a quick way to see whom the message is from and/or what the message is about. View Header options include sending a new message, replying to a message, quick viewing the message, and/or deleting the message from the server.




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