MP3 Recorder Plus

Posted by download in Other, Software on 26-06-2010

Application details

Record from any sound device (such a sound card, Microphone, etc..) to MP3 or to a standard PCM WAV audio file, manually or automatically, fast and easy. You can set many properties of the MP3 files, such as: BitRate, quality, sample rate, error Protection, VBR mode, ABR mode and much more. Also, the Mp3 Recorder Plus contains many other great features which allows you to operate the recording process effectively and easily. Operate many events when the recording process has done, start the recording process automatically or manually, set the recording format to record from the sound card device, and much more Benefits: * Record from any source 'on the fly' (real-time). * Record to MP3 and WAV. * Set MP3 bitrate, quality, sample rate and channels. * Set MP3 error protection, VBR mode and ABR mode. * Set PCM WAV bitrate, sample rate and channels. * No limitation for the time or the size of the recorded file. * Start the recording process when noise is detected. * Stop the recording process when silence is detected. * Cut the silence section from the end of the recorded file. * Pause/Unpause the recording process. * Auto Mode by days and by times. * Display 2 types of audio graphs. * Set the ID3 tags of the destination file. * Set limitation by time length. * Set limitation by size length. * Save the log of the recording process. * Play the recorded files from the program. * Play the recorded files from the default system player. * Analyze, display on a graph, zoom and cut your recorded files. * Play a sound in the background while recording. * Operate many events when the recording process has done.




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