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FinePrint PdfFactory Pro v4.05 Server Edition | 5 Mb

pdfFactory offers award-winning PDF creation features at an affordable

price. pdfFactory Pro has all the features of pdfFactory and adds

bookmarks, job ordering, letterheads and automated email functions.

Only pdfFactory allows printing to paper or PDF without printing

twice. Acrobat is not needed for printing. Increases the convenience

of document delivery by having a single PDF that contains material

from different sources. Just keepprinting documents to pdfFactory and

they will automatically be combined. Allows quick, accurate previewing

of the PDF, including up to 400% zoom,without saving the file first

and without opening Acrobat.


- Create PDF or print to paper
- Combines multiple documents into a single PDF
- Preview
- Protect your PDFs
- Font embedding
- Page insertion and deletion
- Send via email
- AutoSave
- Live URL Links
- Easy server deployment
- Create PDFs on letterhead
- Add page numbering, headers, footers, watermarks
- Bookmarks and Table of Contents
- Integrated Jobs Tab
- Custom Drivers
- Set Initial Acrobat Display Properties

Version 4.05 - October 4, 2010
• using the "Send" button to send email using Outlook 2007 or 2010 no

longer causes a Security dialog to be presented
• fixed problems with printing double-sided to a physical printer
• when autosave is disabled, pdfFactory now offers the option of

presenting a Yes/No/Cancel dialog when the main window is closed. Yes

==> Save As No ==> close the window Cancel ==> leave the window up to

use this feature, just set "Ask before saving if file is larger than 0

MB", then disable autosave.
• fixed problems with the "Save settings on close" setting
• installing pdfFactory 4 onto a system where pdfFactory 3 is

installed no longer breaks the pdfFactory 3 uninstaller
• the Add/Remove Programs entry for pdfFactory now shows the version

number and date of installation
• fixed a DLL error that happened when printing from some 32-bit

applications under 64-bit Windows
• fixed a bug where sometimes Setup did not create the pdfFactory

• fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when multiple characters were

• hyphens now work correctly in URLs and other links
• the printer shortcut in the Send To folder is now created correctly

under Vista and Windows 7
• the thumbnail tooltips that appear when you click and drag the

scroll bar are now larger
• you can now easily hide or show the left panel with a single click

on the arrow button in between the two panels
• you can now set encryption, font embedding, and the PDF document

title directly from the Jobs tab (as well as in their respective

dialog boxes)
• (Pro only) checking/unchecking the "Stamp set" and Letterhead

checkboxes no longer causes the Jobs tab to flash unnecessarily
• (Pro only) when necessary, "mailto:" is now automatically included

to a link destination that is an email address
• (Pro only) the "Create new pdfFactory printer" command in the File

menu no longer requires administrative privileges under Windows Vista

and Windows 7
• (Server Edition) right-clicking in the Users list now allows you to

copy the list to the clipboard. You can paste the results into Excel

and create reports.
• (Server Edition) propagation of settings to non-admin users now

works correctly under all supported versions of Windows (including

Windows Server 2008 R2) and no longer triggers driver updates
• (Server Edition) the "Create new pdfFactory printer" command in the

File menu no longer requires administrative privileges under Windows

Vista and Windows 7



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