[HotFile] Mediachance Dynamic Auto-Painter 2.5.3

Posted by download in Software on 18-10-2010

Mediachance Dynamic Auto-Painter 2.5.3

Mediachance Dynamic Auto-Painter 2.5.3 ~ 57.5 MB

Dynamic Auto-Painter (DAP) is a fun to use software to automatically turn a photo or a 3D rendering into great looking painting inspired by some of the most famous real world artists.
Dynamic Auto-Painter can work also as a great feedback tool to improve your photography skills by simplifying the image to its core visual values.

Dynamic Auto-Painter unique program that allows you to turn your photos into paintings, using simulation techniques of drawing the most famous artists of the world. Unlike other similar utilities, Dynamic Auto-Painter does not alter the picture itself, it simply uses the image as the original, from which automatically draws the new image using the appropriate brushes and styles. With this you can observe the work program, as the work of this artist.
Resolution of the finished image is not dependent on the resolution of the original and may exceed it in several times. The function simulates the real real canvas texture of canvas and paints. One advantage of a program that finished image will look like paintings, even in a small settlement.
More features in the version 2.5
- Flashback feature
- Change Style during pause
- Plug-ins
- Crosshatch styles
- More of everything, DAP now works from impressionism to portraits
- Plenty of jaw dropping styles
Most recent additions: Version 2.53
- Rotate Source Image
- Flip Source Image

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