[HotFile] Ultimate WIFI Hack Complete Tools And Guide

Posted by download in Software on 19-10-2010

Ultimate WIFI Hack Complete Tools And Guide

A very good hack for ROCK BAND 2 DLC
That's all you need to modify your wii , and it's for every firmware , Tested By Me And it's working very well !
All you need is to follow the tutorial , then you can play EVERY game you want !!!

Included in the pack:
BannerBomb pour les versions 3.1 - 4.1
BannerBomb pour les versions 4.2
HackMii 0.6 (BootMii.ini adapted to the wii area choosed)
Usb Loader GX r883
GC Backup launcher 0.2
uLoader Hermes 3.6
Wiiflow r25
Neogamma r8 bta 15
Gecko OS 1.9.3
Pimp My Wii 1.3.2
Priiloader rev46
StartPatch 4.1 (only for firmware 4.1 all areas) (new)
StartPatch 4.2.5p (only for firmware 4.2 all areas) (new)
startpatch 4.2 mod v2.5 (only for firmware 4.2 all areas) (new)
AnyRegion Changer 1.1b mod05a
AnyTitle Deleter MOD
I/S Wad 1.7
Trucha Bug Restorer
Dop-IOS MOD 10.1
sysCheck 1.4
Mplayer_ce 0.76 and his forwader
GeeXbox for Wii 0.1 beta2 and his forwader
cIOS Uninstaller v1.1
cIOS Hermes
cIOS Hermes mod
cIOS38 rev14 Installer
cIOS38 rev15 Installer
cIOS38 rev16 Installer
mIOS Patcher 0.2

And some files for your PC :
- NUSD v13Beta scripts Off-Line all areas for origin IOS (new)
- hacks ini creator 3.2-4.x
- Wii Backup Manager 0.3.3 (new)

Plz Downloads
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