[Others] NOSTRADAMUS Astrology software

Posted by download in Software on 19-10-2010

NOSTRADAMUS Astrology software
This is a very efficient and very rare software for those deeply interested in Astrology. Its uniqueness is a small application that even the latest astrology softwares lack,
which is called automatic birth-time correction.
Those professional astrologers who have to deal with 'sometime between 8 am. and 9 am' - kind of given birth times, this could become an enormous help.
The application asks for the approximate birth time, some past life events, like birth of children, move, marriage, etc, and then after some calculations, based on the
traditions of western astrology, offers the most likely birth times.
The software is fairly decent in every other astrological matters as well, but with the above application it could become a useful tool under the hand of any busy
The package has two versions, Nostradamus is in Hungarian, while Astrodamus is in English. To install, simply run the install.exe of the appropriate program. A
detailed HOW-TO booklet is also included in the Tájékoztatók folder.
The software runs perfectly under Windows, and Linux, too (under wine) although under ubuntu I have some problems with showing the symbols. If anyone would have
a suggestion, I would deeply appreciate it.


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