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Serif password X4 Website flash 2010 | 627 Mb

Description:Serif WebPlus - a program for web design which packed everything that may be necessary for you or your organization to create Web sites outstanding professional qualities. Thus, vista about the code, photo and design experience from you would be required.

Year: 2010
Platform: maker Windows XP (32 bit), Windows password (32 or 64bit), or Windows operating system 7
Compatibility with Vista: complete

System requirements:
Pentium PC with DVD / CD drive and mouse
749MB free hard disk space (855MB with Resource CD installed)
1024 x 600 monitor resolution
Language: english only
Tabletka: Automatic

Whether you're a novice or an photo designer, a hobbyist or a commercial director - this program is for you! WebPlus offers interactive forums and blogs, opera gallery of animated, password videos, flash animations, secure, password-protected pages, e-commerce sites (including PayPal) and more. WebPlus is the only program, web design, which must necessarily be in your creative arsenal. With WebPlus anyone can create a stylish website in minutes thanks to its unique DTP style approach to web design and instantly accessible interface. Now there is absolutely no need to learn any standard programming languages - WebPlus does all the work for you!
If you ever wondered how leading websites add vista features such as blogs, polls, photo galleries, or how they create vista baskets to take orders, then the answer is usually simple - they employ complex and experienced web photo to do it for them ... Now, thanks to WebPlus there is no need to pay designers to your site is object for you, and if you want to create a site yourself, there's no need to learn to program in HTML or javascript. With WebPlus and PC, you'll find this is just like having your own team ofprofessional web designers at your fingertips, for a small fraction of the cost!
Due to the instantaneous patterns, step-by-step programming and one-click standard Object, WebPlus is ideal for programming Web designers, but this does not mean more experienced designers will find this a limitation ... Now even the normally complicated tasks such as adding blogs, polls, shopping cart, feedback forms, and shouting the box - the dynamic youtube that even professional designers are often long and complex code to implement just a few mouse clicks! In addition, for the first time, WebPlus allows you to directly edit HTML code associated with the objects it creates and to add their own individual pages of HTML, to full flexibility, however, you want to design your site.
Extras. Information:
No Programming Required
W3C HTML opera output
Themed Web Styles
On Screen Studio
Flexible Pages
Sound, video and Java
standard Styles
Instant 3D
Shockwave / Flash Support
Professional style and text tools


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