Outlook Express Password R

Posted by download in Software on 22-10-2010

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Outlook Express Password Recovery Tool to recover all types of password whether lost or forgotten from Outlook Express. Outlook Express Password Recovery Software that displays server names, user logins and passwords for all the e-mail accounts configured in Microsoft Outlook Express. Using Microsoft Outlook Express, You can configure multiple email accounts and as soon as authorization information such as logins & passwords get entered, it is forgotten by the users. Due to any kind of corruptions such as Windows OS Upgaradation, Disk Formatting etc, you need to configure your email accounts again in Microsoft Outlook loosing crucial emails as your password is forgotten. Recover lost Outlook Express Password FASTER and Easily using Outlook Express Password Recovery Tool. Access your Outlook Express Password more easily as the Outlook Express Password Finder Tool is Do-it Yourself, fast & easy to use software. Outlook Express Password Recovery Software allows you to copy retrieved logins and password to the clipboard. Just right click on the password and choose "Copy to Clipboard" to copy the password to the clipboard Features -Displays an e-mail address, server address, server type, login and password for all the e-mail accounts of Outlook Express; -Allows to set the Access Password to prevent unauthorized program Execution; -Stores retrieved information in a formatted text file. -Allows to copy retrieved information to clipboard using "Copy to Clipboard". -Easy and user-friendly interface.




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