[Others] Altova MissionKit 2011 for Enterprise Software Architects (x32/x64)

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Altova MissionKit 2011 for Enterprise Software Architects (x32/x64)

Altova MissionKit 2011 for Enterprise Software Architects (x32/x64) | 441 MB

The set of Altova MissionKit for Software Architects are 8 intelligent development of application solutions, data management, and modeling tools.
Altova has tested XMLSpy ® 2011 on various OS platforms to enable multi-platform XML development in the enterprise.
Specifically, Altova software can be used on the following dominant platforms in todays IT landscape:
* Windows
Microsoft Windows is the primary platform for XMLSpy ® 2011 and recommended by Altova. XMLSpy ® 2011 and all other Altova software products are fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2003-2008r2.
* MacOS
XMLSpy, MapForce, and StyleVision have been successfully tested on Mac OS X using Parallels for Mac vitualization software.
* Linux
XMLSpy ® 2011 has been successfully tested on Red Hat Linux 8.0 using Wine 20030115.
Note Using XMLSpy ® 2011 or any other Altova software under MacOS and Linux requires special Windows emulation software available from 3rd parties and is not supported by Altova. Altova makes no representations or warranties with respect to using its software on these platforms.


XMLSpy - an industry standard XML-development environment for modeling, editing, debugging and transforming all XML-related technologies, which automatically generates executable code in many programming languages.

MapForce - a powerful and convenient tool for graphical data integration. Automatically generates code to convert XSLT, Java, C and C . MapForce, known extensions of XML, database, flat file and EDI data mapping ability

StyleVision - Designer style pages. In addition to creating XSLT-pages and convert XML-content in the output HTML and PDF also allows you to directly receive reports from the databases in HTML and PDF-format.

UModel - UML modeling application. Has powerful features images of schemes, enhanced code generation, reengineering and functionality of reversibility (round-tripping functionality).

DatabaseSpy - powerful and easy-to-use tool for designing databases.

DiffDog - tools synchronization code.

SchemaAgent - simulation of complex XML schemas and their management (and their individual components) in enterprise workgroups.

SemanticWorks - a visual RDF / OWL editor for the Semantic Web.

Altova Authentic - is an advanced utility to create a WYSIWYG XML files, which allows technical writers, documentation specialists and business users to view and edit XML and relational databases.

Program Title: Altova MissionKit 2011 for Enterprise Software Architects (32/64 bit)
Language: English
Developer: Altova
Medician: Yes (Serial)



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