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Posted by download in Software on 23-10-2010

Zards Software Startup Defender | 1.37 MB
Startup Defender - a small program that when running in the system tray and checks that some programs do not run automatically without your knowledge. If an attempt of some programs to register themselves in startup, then this utility displays a window asking whether it is possible to program a list autoloads. There is a function of including or excluding a program from the Startup list. With this program you can see how dangerous a particular application. For programs that are constantly trying to put yourself in the list of startup, the Startup Defender is the auto lock mode, which prevents the program attempts to put yourself in the Startup list.
* Speeding up your PC by removing unwanted programs from Windows Startup* Automatic blocking of programs at startup* Optimize PC download, download will be faster* Auto-discovery programs that try to register in the system startup* Simple and easy to use interface* Removal of trojans and spyware programs from startup* Starting and Stopping Windows sulzhb* Destruction of any running process* View detailed information on applications in the startup
* .NET Framework 2
Change Log:
October 19th, 2010* Now supports 64 bit Windows, small GUI update and small bug fixesHomepage -

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